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Little child girl in an astronaut costume is playing and dreaming of becoming a spaceman.


Find counselling support for your child. 
Both online or in our Guelph office.   

We offer counselling and psychotherapy services for children ages 7 years of age and older. Our team has extensive experience working with children and their guardian(s) in various settings and who present with a variety of presenting concerns.  We help support children with anxiety, low mood, grief and trauma as well as those who have trouble with relationship skills.  We understand that for many young children, behaviours are clues about what might be going on for them on a deeper, emotional level.  We firmly believe that treatment for children under then age of 12 years of age is most effective when a parent or guardian is able to be present or can support the treatment process.  After all, paediatric mental health is family mental health.  We always work collaboratively with families and pride ourselves on our safe, welcoming environment that is free of judgement. 

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