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Image by Annie Spratt

Leah Krisak

MA, Counselling Psychology

Registered Psychotherapist (Q)


Leah offers virtual sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8am-1pm. 

Get to know Leah ...

Leah’s career began in classroom education where she quickly discovered her interest in her students as thinking and feeling individuals transcended the role of teacher.  She has a passion for language and the sharing of stories which she utilizes through a narrative, person-centred approach to healing. While she is interested in the exploration of early childhood experiences and relationships, she is also trained in action-oriented, here-and-now modalities such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. In her work with clients, she journeys alongside them as they untangle and work through their suffering, while supporting them to reach their full potential. She completed trauma training through CAMH and has a special interest in working with individuals who have suffered adverse childhood experiences. She is familiar with the profound effects of anxiety and depression on the individual and their loved ones.  She works through these challenges with clients by helping them to understand the mind-body connection.  She is calm-natured, intuitive and skilled in helping people connect to their own inner wisdom. 


When not in session, you'll find Leah at the marina working on a sailboat. She spends her free time sailing, baking, reading and travelling with her partner.

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